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The Story Behind Our Banana & Fudge Muffins

Having achieved almost legendary status during the Covid-19 lockdown after becoming the most searched for recipe online, it seems that banana bread is able to offer us both delicious flavour and a sense of comfort at a time in need. It’s also a brilliant way to prevent overripe bananas from going to waste, which is why, here at Mix & Rise we felt inspired to create our first baking kit around this humble loaf but with our own Mix & Rise twist.   

Over the years we've known each other, Dani & I have always enjoyed experimenting with new flavours, whether it's been developing the menu for the monthly supper club we ran together or simply in our own kitchens. With over 20 years of experience working as a professional chef, Dani is definitely the expert here, however I am always more than happy to help with the sampling! 

It was during one of our baking afternoons whilst baking some banana muffins that Dani suggested perhaps we could add some caramel drops to the banana muffins for an extra indulgent bite? Dani quickly got about whipping up a caramel and added a few drops into the individual muffin cases. They came out oozing with delicious banana and caramel gooeyness…we were definitely onto something...

...However it soon dawned on us that liquid caramel meets the Royal Mail wouldn’t end well so we decided to make a plant based fudge instead, which would act like caramel and be just as gooey and tasty when baked, but retain more of a structure. It's this fudge, handmade by Dani in small batches, which we now deliver together with the dry ingredients and a recipe to follow so our Mix & Rise bakers can whip up delicious Plant Based Banana & Fudge Muffins at home too.

The Proof - It's In The Eating

When it comes to cake, the proof is definitely in the eating and so far, we’re delighted to say we’ve only had happy bakers, which is why I thought I’d leave you with some comments we’ve received so far for about our Banana & Fudge Muffins, which is what makes it all worthwhile for Dani & I

Mix & Rise Bakers

“These muffins were lovely, instructions easy to follow and packaging sustainable. I would encourage anyone who's on the fence to go for it!”

“Muffins rose beautifully and were so delicious they disappeared very quickly - the fudge and banana flavours were fabulous.” 

A great experience and incredibly tasty muffins. Would recommend to anyone - especially if you think you can't bake!”

“The Banana and Fudge Muffins were simply divine! I love baking, but have never really baked anything vegan. Never thought that vegan muffins would taste so good! I would even go so far as saying they were better than some Hummingbird Bakery muffins I love making.”

“I loved my first Mix & Rise box, it was a complete treat. So easy to follow and the banana muffins were delicious and so much nicer than a usual banana loaf.”

“I really enjoyed baking my mix and rise banana and fudge muffins. First and foremost they tasted amazing, the ingredients used were of a really high quality, and it was so nice to have home made fudge included.”

“A giant step forward for plant based cooking!”